Aluminium Doors 

We install contemporary aluminium doors in properties across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey & West Sussex

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Made in Britain

We guarantee that all of our products are made in Britain, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of leading techniques and materials.

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Family-Run Business

Established in 2016, FHS is a family-run business with a vision to redefine homes across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Surrey. Our team of experienced installers take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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British Standards

We hold many accreditations for our company, components and product standards. Indeed, many of our products exceed British and EU standards.

Give Your Home a Modern Edge With Aluminium Doors

Looking to add a touch of sleek modernity to your home? Aluminium doors can’t be beaten. Smooth and slim, they inject a sense of vogue into any property they belong to.

Along with their ultra-modern look, aluminium doors are renowned for their strength and long lifespan. They have a uniquely durable build that lets them withstand both weathering and break-ins with ease.

With outstanding security, insulation, and longevity, an aluminium door will enhance your home for decades to come.

Why Choose an Aluminium Door From FHS?

Modernise your home while protecting it from the outside world with FHS’s range of stunning aluminium doors!

Our aluminium doors are supplied by British manufacturer REAL. All of REAL’s products are independently audited by British Standards to ISO 9001:2008, ensuring ultimate performance and quality.

Breathtaking Designs

Pairing slimline frames with a smooth texture, our aluminium doors will give your home a sharp and contemporary aesthetic. 

We have five door types to choose from: 

  • Check Primary Single front doors
  • Check Primary Single back doors
  • Check Primary French / double doors
  • Check Primary Sliding doors
  • Check Primary Bi-fold doors

All of our doors come fully customisable, so you can design a door that perfectly fits your home. Options include: 

A variety of unique handle options, both minimalist and ornate. 

An optional low threshold, ideal for high-traffic doors. 







Combination Black Grey White


Single or dual-colour frames

Wide, Open Vistas

The doors’ slim aluminium frames increase the ratio of glass to frame, therefore letting more light into your home. 

For an even larger uninterrupted view, consider the REAL sliding door, which can accommodate up to 2500mm width per pane. Available in two, three, four, or six panels, all patio doors are double- or triple-glazed with special sliding mechanisms to allow even the largest sashes to slide open and close smoothly. 

Long Lifespan

With a lifespan of up to 45 years, aluminium doors are among the strongest door types available. They are strongly resistant to damage and can withstand the elements incredibly well, making them ideal at protecting your home long term. 

REAL aluminium doors take things even further: each door is powder-coated to give it one of the most durable finishes available. This high-quality colour process ensures that your doors will maintain their stunning appearance without discoloration, rust, or peeling. If you live in a coastal area, you can even opt for a ‘marine grade’ finish for extra protection against saltwater corrosion. 

Like leaving your doors open? Optional opening restrictors protect them from being blown around by strong winds. 

Unparalleled Security

Our doors undergo thorough quality control and are independently audited twice a year, guaranteeing they meet British Standards of security and durability. Robust components, reinforced frames, and a multi-point locking system will keep your home completely safe from break-ins. 

For extra peace of mind, our French or double doors come with ultra-secure multipoint locking handles, with the option of additional handles and locking on both doors. 

Energy Efficiency

For superior insulation against heat loss, our aluminium doors feature a polyamide thermal barrier. This is a material of low thermal conductivity placed between the aluminium to stop heat conduction. The inside of your home stays warmer for longer, improving its energy efficiency and saving you money on your heating bills. 

Why Trust FHS For Your Aluminium Door?

When you choose an alumiunium door from FHS, you can be sure you’re getting the quality you’re looking for. With over a decade in business, we have installed aluminium doors in hundreds of properties across the South. Our pricing is some of the lowest of the market, while our 10 year guarantee gives you total peace of mind.

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For sleek and long-lasting aluminium windows, trust FHS. Our expert installers will fit your new door to the highest standard of quality, ensuring you get the outstanding results you’re looking for.