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We install replacement conservatory roofs in properties across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey & West Sussex

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We guarantee that all of our products are made in Britain, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of leading techniques and materials.

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We hold many accreditations for our company, components and product standards. Indeed, many of our products exceed British and EU standards.

Refresh Your Conservatory With a Energy-Efficient Roof Replacement

If your conservatory is over 20 years old, you might have noticed how uncomfortably cold and hot it can get throughout the year. That’s because older roof materials weren’t designed with energy efficiency in mind – they let heat pass through easily, so you need to spend much more money on heating or cooling the room. They’re also at high risk of damp and mould. 

Replacing the roof of your conservatory is a fantastic way of keeping it at a comfortable temperature no matter the season. It can also breathe new life into a structure that feels worn down or outdated. 

At Fortuna, we supply and install conservatory roofs equipped with Warmer Roof technology. This means they have the highest levels of thermal efficiency on the market. With beautiful designs and modern standards of insulation, durability, and weatherproofing, they’ll transform your conservatory into the ultimate year-round sanctuary. 

Why Choose a Conservatory Roof From Fortuna?

Fortuna’s range of conservatory roofs put style and function at the forefront. They abide by all UK building regulations, guaranteeing the utmost safety in their components, and feature next-level insulation and waterproofing. They also come in countless stunning designs, customisable down to the smallest detail. 

Even better? When the time comes to sell, your new roof will boost your property value considerably. 

Energy Efficient

All of our conservatory roofs are highly thermally efficient by design, achieving an impressive U-value of 0.14. Your conservatory will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, so you can enjoy unwinding in it no matter the season. 

A well-insulated conservatory won’t just help you to feel more comfortable – it’ll help lower your energy bills, too! As less heat is lost, you won’t have to run your central heating for as long, saving money on your heating costs. This also helps you cut down on your carbon footprint. 

Versatile Design Options

Whatever the style of your home, we have the perfect roof to complement it. Our conservatory roofs are available in four stylish variants: 

  • Check Primary 1 Edwardian
  • Check Primary 1 Gable-end
  • Check Primary 1 Victorian
  • Check Primary 1 Lean-to

Looking for something totally unique? Bring a personal touch to your roof with our wide range of interior and exterior customisation options! 

Opt for a plastered interior ceiling to make the room feel airy and bright, or choose timber or uPVC cladding for a more traditional feel. You can also incorporate roof vents to add light and ventilation where needed. 



















Beautiful Designs

We offer a selection of roof tile colours for the exterior.

We also offer a range of alternative slate colours. 

If you’re wondering if we have a certain style or colour, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. 

Quick and Easy Installation

Thanks to their innovative modular designs, our conservatory roofs can be installed within a very short timeframe. This reduces the cost of labour and minimises the disruption to your daily life. 

When our installers replace your old roof, they will take steps to work quickly and efficiently, clearing away any mess and protecting your conservatory walls from damage. 

With installation only taking a few days at most, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly transformed conservatory in no time! 

Sustainably Made

Warmer Roofs are made with sustainability in mind, helping you minimise the environmental impact of improving your home. 

  • Check Primary 1 All timbers used in production are sourced from replenishable forest programmes where three trees are re-planted for every one used.
  • Check Primary 1 Before deciding which trees to fell, drones are flown to identify zones that should be left alone, ensuring wildlife continues to flourish.
  • Check Primary 1 Finally, they use recycled materials during production to dramatically reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Why Trust Fortuna For Your Conservatory Roof?

Over the decade we’ve been in business, we’ve designed and installed roofs on hundreds of conservatories across the South. We have ample experience working on conservatories of all types, and are qualified to install your new roof both safely and efficiently. 

No matter what style of roof you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to bring your dream design to life. 


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Upgrade your conservatory with a stylish roof from Fortuna! With unparalleled levels of waterproofing and insulation, you’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory no matter the temperature outside.