Innovative Tilt & Turn Window Installation

We install innovative tilt and turn windows in properties across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey & West Sussex

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Made in Britain

We guarantee that all of our products are made in Britain, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of leading techniques and materials.

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Family-Run Business

Established in 2016, FHS is a family-run business with a vision to redefine homes across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Surrey. Our team of experienced installers take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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British Standards

We hold many accreditations for our company, components and product standards. Indeed, many of our products exceed British and EU standards.

Tilt and Turn Windows Offer a Beautiful Multi-Functional Design

Thanks to their trademark casement design, tilt and turn windows allow you to ‘tilt’ the window on a 90° angle. Fresh air can flow while the locking mechanism is still engaged, improving the ventilation of your home while giving you peace of mind. 

All of our tilt and turn windows incorporate state-of-the-art technology for exceptional standards of performance and design. With superior security and the convenience of a multi-functional design, you’ll find they prove themselves a worthwhile investment over and over again. 

Why Choose Tilt and Turn Windows From FHS?

Constructed with premium-grade materials, our tilt and turn windows are built to last. 

Secure Dual-Purpose Design

A tilt and turn window can be opened in two ways: opened fully inwards, or tilted from the bottom with the top of the window angled into the room. The flexibility of this design allows you to fill your home with fresh air without compromising on security. 

For even greater protection, all of our tilt and turn windows are fitted with high-performance locking systems. These locks are designed to engage at multiple parts of the frame, avoiding any weak spots. They are integrated into the frame so they can’t be used as a potential leverage point by a would-be intruder. 

Easy to Clean

Because the windows open inwards, you can clean the glass without having to lean out. Not only does this improve your safety, but it makes cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows a breeze. 


No matter the style of your home, we can offer you tilt and turn windows that match it. Our wide range of customisation and colour options let you add your own unique touch to your window, right down to the smallest detail. Whether your home is small or large, modern or heritage, your new windows will fit in flawlessly. 


Our uPVC tilt and turn windows are able to achieve an impressive degree of thermal efficiency. With a degree of performance that stands at A+ on the Window Energy Rating scale, these windows will keep the warmth from your central heating in your home for a longer period of time. Not only does this keep you warm during the winter, but it could save you money on your heating costs! 

All of our windows are manufactured with a multi-chambered design that breaks up mini-convection currents and traps in pockets of warm air. An uninterrupted seal enhances comfort further, preventing draughts and water ingress from entering your home. The end result is a safe, dry home that stays comfortable whatever the weather. 

Why Trust FHS for Your Tilt and Turn Window Installation?

FHS have been supplying A+ rated windows and doors for over a decade. Our highly accredited installation team will install your new windows quickly and cleanly, so you can start enjoying their benefits as soon as possible.

With hundreds of installation projects carried out, you can rely on us to bring you the outstanding results you’re looking for.

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